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Now the couple face the very real possibility that their story will end with Miller’s recent diagnosis of stage IV cervical cancer.

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“Our love story is a special one,” Sutherland said.

“You meet someone and you just know. You’ve connected with an old friend.

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You just know. We made the commitment to tackle this together.

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No one really knows when something like this is going to happen.”

Miller said: “He’s wonderful. He’s been by my side from the beginning. It’s a new relationship, and it boggles the mind that he’s still here for me.”

Today, Sutherland and his employees are hosting a fundraiser at Clear Vision Tattoos to help Miller. All of the shop’s proceeds from the day’s appointments will be donated to a special fund set up to help with Miller’s medical expenses. There will be raffles for donated items and baked goods for sale. All gift certificates bought today will be counted toward Miller’s fundraising, even if the services are performed at a later date, Sutherland said.

Miller’s transition from newly in love to fighting for her life started when the 39-year-old Simi Valley native thought she had a common but painful urinary tract infection.

But that’s not what the divorced mother of two was told when she left the emergency room two months ago.

Instead, after numerous tests, procedures and medical opinions, Miller was given a death sentence.

The doctors first thought Miller had precancerous cells in her cervix, but while preforming surgery, they discovered that her cancer was much more advanced. They first told her it was stage II, which is far more treatable. Then a later PET scan confirmed the worst, stage IV. Stage IV cervical cancer is considered untreatable.

“They told me the chemo would only buy me time, not put me into remission, and that I’d be sick and my hair would fall out,” she said. “What do you do if you’re just buying time and the life wouldn’t be good? I went to the City of Hope for a second opinion. They told me the same thing. That there was no cure. This would take me.”

From there, Miller and Sutherland turned to homeopathic treatments, which involved a strict regimen of supplements and dietary changes. It was only the homeopathic practitioners who gave Miller a splinter of hope, she said.

Miller does have health insurance, but it’s not great, Sutherland said, and it won’t cover the homeopathic treatments she’s receiving. That’s why the fundraiser is planned.

Miller’s 20-year-old son lives on the East Coast. Her 16-year-old son lives with her, and is struggling, she said, with the severity of her illness.

“I’m not pushing that,” she said. “I’m letting him think it’s going to be OK, because so far, it is.”

For the last year, Miller has worked at Green Acres Market in Simi Valley. The employees at the independent grocery store are Miller’s family now, she said. They are helping promote today’s fundraiser, as well.

Elissa Hennessy, 23, has worked at the shop for seven years. When she first met Miller a year ago, she immediately took to her.

“She’s brought such a great energy into the store,” Hennessy said. “She always has a positive energy. She’s someone you meet, can never forget and can’t live without. She’s the person you instantly fall in love with.”

Miller wants to reach out to all women to urge them to go in for their annual Pap smear.

Clear Vision Tattoo is at 530 Los Angeles Ave., No. 212, Moorpark. The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Go to for more information or to donate directly to Miller’s fund.

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